Hi! Welcome to YourStop, the platform that provides currently enrolled college students with needed services. Feel free to watch the video below to find out what we’re all about!


Update (1):  Here is a sneak peak of the basic functionality of our app! This is the first stage of the designing process, and we are extremely excited to build on this sturdy foundation to make the YourStop app fully functional. Have any questions? Please feel free to shoot us an Email which is located in the Contact Us side bar down below. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to our email listing, which will provide you monthly updates about YourStop. Don’t worry, we won’t spam your already jam packed inbox.



Update(2): Hey YourStop family! Our app development team has been working hard over the past couple of months on the YourStop app. We are extremely excited about the progress we have made from the last layout and wanted to show y’all! As you can see, there are three main pages in the YourStop Application: The Main Feed, New Listing, and The Main Menu. Read down below for a run-through of the functionality of each individual page.




Main Feed



New Listing








Alerts: The alert tab is something that we are thrilled about. Recently, at The University Of Texas there was a terrible attack on the student body resulting in one death and two injured students. The campus alert system, which texts the student body when there is an emergency, took 30 minutes after the attack occurred to send warning and information, leaving students scared and confused about the situation. Most students resorted to Facebook to get information, but since Facebook is shared with the rest of the world, people who don’t go to the University shared false information, causing panic levels to rise. Our Alert tab will immediately alert the student body about emergency situations on their cellular devices through tips sent through the tab by students. Since YourStop is only used by currently enrolled students, the information will be from students that attend your University, which greatly reduces the risk of fake information.